Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Beauty of Islam

Beauty of IslamThe only way whereby we do justice is to find out about its noble teachings which are clearly set out at length in the Holy Quran and the prophetic traditions. The famous popular singer Cat Stevens who later embraced Islam once observed: ”It will be wrong to judge Islam in the light of the light of the light of the behavior of some bad Muslims who are always shown on the media. It is like judging a car as a bad one if the driver is drunk and he bangs it with the wall. Islam guides all human beings in daily lie- in its spiritual, mental and physical dimensions. Nevertheless, we must find the sources of these instructions: the Quran and the example of the Prophet. Then we can see the idea of Islam.”
What is generally said about Islam in the media and in many academic circles also give a wrong idea about it. As Maurice Bucaille put it: ”The totally erroneous statement made about Islam in the West are some times the result of ignorance, and sometimes of systematic denigration.
The most serious of all the untruths told about it are however those dealing with facts for while mistaken opinions are excusable; the presentation of facts running contrary to reality is not. It is disturbing to read blatant untruths in eminently respectable works written by authors who a priori are highly qualified.”

Source: Al-Daawa Al-Islamia, Wednesday 17 Muharram/ 22 Al-Kanon (December) 2010